Edge of the Glacier in 3D

glacial waterfalls in hyperstereo 3D
Off the coast of Alaska, I waited for the boat to drift a little ways between the two exposures, allowing me to get a “hyperstereo” photo, where the distance between the lenses (your eyes) gives you the perspective of a giant, allowing you to see with greater depth, at the expense of making everything look smaller. For example, the edge of this glacier is over 500 feet high, but appears smaller here in 3D. If I had used a ‘normal’ stereo spacing (around 3 inches), you would not see any depth in the landscape at all, because it is so far away. But instead, you can actually make out every contour of the rock in 3D, even seeing the waterfall come away from the surface in places. Hyperstereos allow you to see the world from a larger point of view, and that’s always a good thing!

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