History in 3D


 port sea 1 TALLER copy
Recently, as the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster rolled around, I sped up my search for ‘accidental’ stereos of anything to do with the great ship, which had commenced when we found out that my wife had a relative who perished on that fateful maiden voyage. Thinking I’d be lucky to find a mere few, I was stunned every time a new one literally popped out of my search. In all, I created thirty 3D images of the life of Titanic, and these are not CG, nor are they converted from 2D. Visit my site   RealTitanic3D.com   for the images & entire story of discovery


3D Flag-Raising on Iwo Jima (anaglyph)
After viewing a documentary on Iwo Jima describing how there was a film cameraman standing next to Joe Rosenthal when he took his famous photograph of the flag-raising, it struck me that if he was rolling his footage at the same time, I could possibly find an ‘accidental’ stereo image of the moment. A quick Google search showed me that someone had already thought of that, and he’s done a good job of giving you the full story & images here: Greg Williams’ site


Bok Tower Florida
I like to call my collection of old stereoview cards the “tickets to a time machine”. When looking through a stereo viewer at these 3D views from a time gone by, you really feel like you’re in the scene! You can find them now in antique shops, estate sales, and ebay. Here’s what a typical card looks like – this one is of Bok Tower here in Central Florida, built in 1929. It contains a carillon, an instrument like a pipe organ with bells instead of air, and it is still played every day.


Milker's Lucky Cat
I love this view of a farmer completing the circle of life, as his lucky feline gets a fresh treat from the cow. I thought that he might be stuffed, but a series of the same view convinced me otherwise, because the animals moved between each pair taken.


Old Nuremberg Street
This is a scan I made of a very old glass slide, from about 1897. It was taken by a single camera, as evidenced by the slightly miniaturized ‘hyperstereo’ effect, as well as the fact that the shadow falling on the street moved between exposures.


Old Japanese Garden
This idyllic scene is of a picnic in the gardens of old Japan, right around the turn of the century… ahhh, smell the cherry blossoms!


SS Arabic in Southampton
The SS Arabic sits here at the dock in Southampton, England before yet another voyage across the Atlantic to America. On one of these trips, the grandfather of renowned modern Irish musician John Doyle was coming across when they were torpedoed by a U-boat. They sank quickly, and he had to literally fight his way onto a lifeboat. John wrote a song about it, which I heard him sing on Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion”. Later I found this card, zoomed in on the ship’s name on the side, and sure enough…


Old German Market
Here’s a really old view of a marketplace in Germany. Looking into other people’s faces, especially in 3D, can really transport you back across the years!