Learn how to freeview stereo pairs (parallel and cross-view styles)

StereoPhotoMaker – free PC software (Mac users: run with Parallels or BootCamp)

National Stereoscopic Association (NSA) – a good place to join & meet 3D people

International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) – lots of worldwide members

3D Yellow Pages – for just about anything else in 3D you could need

3-D Review Magazine – lots of information important to the 3D world – a great resource & lots of info for all things 3D

StereoJet, Inc. – bringing back the lost art of Vectograph-style prints

Cyclopital 3D – home of the Fuji W3 stereo camera & accessories

Berezin Stereo Photography – viewers & stereo supplies of all kinds

Dalia Miller – for popular & collectible 3D items, this is the place

Reel 3-D Enterprises – original home of tons of 3D supplies & info

Rocky Mountain Memories – mounting, viewing & slide supplies

3D Concepts – Jon Golden’s got lots of 3D goodies for you

Studio 3D – Ron Labbe’s excellent site for many 3D services

3-D Zone – enter the magical realm of 3D wizard Ray Zone

Jet Propulsion Laboratory – amazing 3D hi-res images of Mars

Rainbow Symphony – 3D glasses & great collection of Mars In 3D

Dan Shelley – 3D Image library, book list, clip art, Viewmaster, etc

3D Showcase – lots of quality stereo pairs from artist Boris Starosta.

3-D Images Ltd. – learn from the master of lenticulars, David Burder

American Paper Optics – paper 3D & other glasses for any occasion

Franklin Flocks – Grateful Dead & 3D photos in high-speed

Stereo 3D – a place for virtual reality headgear & equipment

3-D Book Productions – great resource for collectors & photographers

3D Photography Forum – Jeff Cooper’s nexus for people like me

Jim Long’s 2D > 3D Art Conversions – the best in the business

Vision 3D – an informative site from an optometrist’s point of view

The View-Master Homepage – everything to know about the popular toy

The View-Master Resource – more of everything to know about VM

StereoViews – David Spahr’s collection of antique stereo cards

3D Stereo Photography WebRing – a place to find other sites

How To Make Holmes Stereocards

How To Align Prints Properly

RMM’s 3D Discussion Lists

NSA’s List of Area Clubs

To save time, here are some links to other people’s links:’s Links

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Allan Silliphant’s Links

Anaglyph Photo Links

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