3D & Me

Moss Park photographer

Have you ever wondered why your photographs don’t do any justice to the magnificent places that you remember visiting? That’s because LIFE IS 3D… normal flat, two-dimensional pictures suffer greatly from lack of depth & clarity. Try this: cover up one eye for a while, and notice how much harder it is just to concentrate, much less to navigate! Because so much extra information is missing when you lose your sense of depth, it’s much harder to interpret your surroundings. Fortunately, we live in a 3D world, and I want my photographs to reflect that, allowing you (the viewer) to feel like you can be transported right through a window into the scene!

Clay Fest

Remembering my enjoyment of 3D View-Master reels as a kid, I tried taking my very first stereo picture back in 1994, and upon ‘freeviewing’ the resulting two prints, knew immediately that I had discovered a lifelong hobby. I quickly became hooked, continuing to build a variety of home-made double camera rigs & twin slide viewers for the purpose. Having a growing interest in all things “stereoscopic” led me to find out about other methods of creating and displaying separate left & right images three-dimensionally. This accumulation of knowledge allows me to record the world around us much more accurately & vividly, and present it to others with greater realism.

SpringFest shooter

Stereo photography is actually nothing new – it’s been around over 150 years, since even before the Civil War, but it was mainly that conflict which helped to popularize the “new” medium at the time. Many households around the world at one point had (or had access to) an old-fashioned parlor stereoscope, the HDTV of its day, into which a ‘stereocard’ was inserted & viewed in three dimensions. In the 1950s, 3D experienced a rebirth with motion pictures, View Masters, and personal cameras & viewers all selling well. Today, there are many applications for 3D imaging, ranging from science & medicine to art & entertainment.

3D Party 1

This site will show some examples of my 3D photographs, taken with various cameras (some originally intended for the purpose, some custom-built). Just visit the pages above (under the site title) for all your 3D curiosities… including unique collectibles on the SHOP 3D page. Anyone with standard “anaglyph” red/cyan (or red/blue) glasses will be able to view these pictures in three dimensions (get a free pair over at Rainbow Symphony). There are plenty of good anaglyphs all over the web, so grab those 3D glasses and get ready to step into another dimension – remember, Life Is 3D, and should be viewed that way!