Artists in Action (in 3D)

Scrambled Beans
A couple years ago, at our favorite art & music festival, two excellent artists finally worked together onstage (first time to my knowledge). Keith “Scramble” Campbell and Bean Spence are amazing in their own right, but seeing them combine forces on a single painting was a real treat. They were capturing a musical artist live as they performed onstage; when the set is finished, so is the portrait. I’ve enjoyed both of these talented artists’ work for many years, so it was a real treat to see them collaborate on a single work of art. I got them to pose for me in 3D, and perfectly captured the spirit in this shot. To discover more of their work, go to:

World Trade Center 3D tribute

On this, the 10th anniversary of that dark day, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to instead remember the light, and the way things were before the world changed.
After finding this beautiful photo online, I converted it to 3D using a very simple depth map, while watching the various tribute ceremonies on TV… very moving stuff

Final Launch for Shuttle Discovery

Final Launch of Shuttle Discovery
In this slightly hyperstereo shot, we can actually perceive the distance between Discovery’s exhaust trail and the cloud layer partially obscuring it. When we weren’t at the Cape for a close-up view, it sure was nice to be able to see launches from the end of our driveway like this (sigh)

Brian May in 3D

Brian & Me
Meeting Brian May, guitarist for the legendary band Queen, at last year’s NSA convention in Ohio was a thrill, but it was a real treat to hear him discuss his latest project, “A Village Lost and Found”, a book which re-discovers an old English village through old 3D photographs and intriguing modern-day detective work. I highly recommend this fascinating peek into history!

3D Sufjan Stevens CD

Sufjan Stevens’ latest CD “The BQE” is of interest to fans of 3D as well as interesting music. It’s an ode to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway! This package includes not just a CD, but a DVD of the triptych film show he projected in sync with the music, as well as a View-Master reel.

Produced by Image3D, the reel is of the highest quality & durability. The views are all very colorful cartoon images of the trio of SuperHero girls you’ll learn about in the lyrics & accompanying text with photos.
BQE ViewMaster


Way Down Upon the Suwannee River…

Nice View
Scramble Campbell
I’m pleased the weather has approached absolute perfection, because it’s time once again to pack up the car & head up to the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (near Live Oak, FL) for another Magnolia Festival (MagFest) – the annual smorgasbord of good vibes, great music, camping, food, swimming in the river, and fun in the sun!
Enjoy some pictures from last year’s festival, taken with my previous 3D rig, a homemade electrically-twinned Sanyo camera setup (see “3D & ME” page for a photo). This weekend, I’m taking the new Fuji W1 3D camera!!  (see 2007’s fest in 3D here)

Bela Fleck concert crew in 3D

Bela concert crew

My wife Wendy & good friends Jeff & Britney getting ready to see Bela Fleck in concert with his “Africa Project” in Orlando. Bela brought some musicians over from Africa, where he went to re-connect the banjo with its original roots. Wow, what a show!! An amazing musical interaction which thrilled us all.

the Three Stooges in 3D on your TV screen

3D Moe eye poke

Put on your 3D glasses, and then cover your eyes quick because Moe Howard of the Three Stooges is ready to strike with his patented two-finger eye poke!! These 3D still images are posted in celebration of the fact that the only two 3D short films the Stooges ever made, “Spooks” and “Pardon My Backfire”, are now available on the 2-disc DVD set “The Three Stooges Collection Volume Seven”, which has 22 shorts made between 1952 & 1954.

3D Moe pie throw

How about a pie in the face? This DVD uses the “Trioscopics” (green/magenta) anaglyph system, and 2 pair of glasses are included with the set. While I generally don’t think this type of anaglyph method to be as effective as standard red/cyan or red/blue, it’s not too bad here since the source material is black and white, which means colors don’t appear to ‘flash’ The 2 images presented here are good old-fashioned red & cyan, so I hope you are wearing the right kind of 3D glasses!