3D shuttle launch audience

3D shuttle launch audience

My neighbor & I have watched many space shuttle launches from the ends of our driveways, a mere 50 miles from the Kennedy Space Center. This was taken about three minutes after the shuttle Atlantis began its final scheduled mission on May 14, 2010.

Wonder at “Alice in Wonderland”

If you haven’t seen this new Tim Burton movie yet, rush right down to your local theatrer. Which theater, you ask? Why, the one showing it in 3D, of course!

I have to admit, I was initially a little worried about the quality of the 3D that this movie would present to audiences. After all, it was apparently NOT actually filmed in 3D, but converted from 2D after-the-fact. I have seen plenty of poorly-converted images, but also quite a few stunningly good ones, so knowing that it IS possible to get good results, I held my breath.

Well, it was obvious from the first frame they had done things right. The images not only spring to life through Tim Burton’s incredibly artistic vision and bright colors, but the 3D effect is striking in some places, and sublime in others… just as it should be!

Can you see in 3D?


Yes, as long as you have two properly working eyes. I don’t know about ol’ Bob here, but give him an ‘A’ for effort. Hey, ya gotta at least like his solution for monocular 3D!

This is the cover image from “Bob’s Big Break”, a 3D companion short to the DVD of “Monsters vs. Aliens”. They released it with the TrioScopics anaglyph glasses (magenta & green), which in my opinion do not work as well as the old standard red & cyan versions. Still, they also get an ‘A’ for effort, and it’s a very funny short film!

There are many ways of viewing images in 3D today, but I think one of the easiest & most universal is still the anaglyph method.

3D Mushroom Madness

3D giant mushroom 2
A monstrously massive mushroom I uprooted before it could put a dent in my mower (ha ha). I’ve posted 3 pictures of it, all taken using sequential exposures on a normal single-lensed camera. I had to vary the distance between shots depending on how close I was, mostly operating in the macro range of the camera & using an interocular spacing of only a few centimeters. Very cool results!

3D rainbow

3D rainbow
A beautiful rainbow stopped me in my tracks one day while walking past one of many lakes in Orlando. I obtained this photo by moving about 6 feet horizontally between exposures to exaggerate the depth. Since everything is so far away, depth perception would be lost in a conventional stereo photo.

Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D!

Toy Story 3D
Recently, we went to see Toy Story 1 & 2, which were both re-released in full, glorious 3D at last!
I’ve always thought that any computer-generated movie could easily be converted to 3D – it’s basically a matter of telling the computer to re-draw everything from a few inches to one side of the original viewpoint (that, and having twice the processing power!)
Pixar’s master plan is to release Toy Story 3 (in 3D) next summer, June of 2010. I really hope they bring back the ‘1 & 2 in 3D’ double-feature again just before then, as a two-week release was just not long enough, and what better way to warm up for the all-new 3D adventure?